Past, present and future are illustrated by means of twelve theme 'cabinets', centering on the various stages that are covered to progress from an idea to a product

The visit starts with a face scan. During your tour through the innovation experience center, this scan can be used to switch on and operate various games and interactives.

In a spectacular, pervasive and interactive manner the visitor is given a behind the manufacturing-scenes. From idea and materials and method of processing, to the meaning of form and design in present day manufacturing. Try out techniques of the past and of today yourself, and at the same time gain insight in hyper modern ways of production, such as 3D printing. The finishing stage is also elucidated: numerous typically Achterhoeks products are on display in ICER. They provide an image of the developments in time: a bicycle of then and now, the famous enamelled cooking pan of granny's kitchen next to it's modern translation.

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