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School outing

An important goal for ICER is to enthuse the young for technology. That is why ICER offers the option to create a school outing with a technical angle.

We are happy to develop a program for the day together with you, hinging on various activities in technology, such as forging, cutting, bending, magnetism, steam engines and 3D printing. All pupils take home a selfmade memento in any case.

  1. Tour of five activities: forging jewelery, cut a keyhanger, bend a figurine, guided tour, 3D printing.
  2. Combination of 1. with a boat trip on the Oude IJssel river viewing historic sites.
  3. Film 'Symphony of Iron' and guided tour of ICER.
  4. Combination of 1. with a demonstration vormzand.
Rates for school visits and programs on demand.

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