About ICER

ICER is an attraction venue for the public on technology and innovation, in the iron and manufacturing industry of the Achterhoek, the dutch region situated along the banks of the Oude IJssel river and eastward. The center dedicates itself to enthuse the young in particular for technology. ICER allows the visitor to see and experience how precious and beautiful technical craftsmanship is, even this day in age, by giving them the opportunity to try out the technology first hand.

Past, present and future are elucidated in twelve themed frames, referred to as cabinets, showing various stages that are covered, taking us from an idea to a product. The visit takes off with a facial scan. During the tour of the experience this scan serves to operate games and interactives.
Each frame contains aspects of history, future, art and commerce. Together they visualize the manufacturing process in the iron industry. They show objects and techniques old and modern, combined with examples of practical and innovative application. Works of art redefine context, tilt perspective and enhance expressiveness. Games, interactives, conceptual narratives and informational elucidations offer a memorable and full range learning experience.

The exhibits provide a spectacular, compelling and engaging look behind the scenes of manufacturing. The visitor is lead from idea and material and production method to the meaning of form and design in contemporary manufacturing industry.
Techniques of past and present can be experienced first hand and the presentation reveals hypermodern production methods such as 3D printing. The final stage of production is covered as well. In ICER, multiple typically regional products are on display, providing an image of the development in time: a bicycle of then and now, and the famous enamel cooking pan from granny's kitchen next to its modern translation.

Also located in ICER are several work studio's equipped with various machines and devices: drill presses, etching presses, soldering irons, industrial sewing machines, ceramics ovens and forges provide ample opportunity to discover and work a broad range of materials.

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